Lifestyles of the Bored and Omnipotent

What can we say? We're omnipotent, omniscient, and bored senseless. Or at least I am. It's all much the same, if you must know.

(Note: This is the journal of the fictional character Q, from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager. The real-life author of this journal is not associated in any way with Paramount Pictures, the estate of Gene Roddenberry, or John de Lancie. This journal is a work of fan appreciation only, and does not intend to infringe on any copyright. A full description of Q's history is available from Wikipedia here.

For prompt communities and sages_of_chaos, I write Q from between the Voyager episodes "The Q and the Grey" and "Q2", with "I, Q" by John de Lancie and Peter David treated as canon and the Q Continuum trilogy by Greg Cox as semi-canon (I take what I like from it, mostly 0 and his fellow jerks.) In this time period, Q's son is approximately the developmental equivalent of a 10 year old, and his ex has already left him. (I assume that in the timeline of the Continuum, a *great* deal of time happened between those episodes, not the four years that took place in the Federation's timeline. Why, no, I don't believe immortal children would grow to adolescence in a mere four years, why do you ask?)

For hearts_andminds, Q is also coming from between those two episodes, but at a point where his son was approximately the equivalent of a 5-8 year old, and his ex hadn't left yet. This is *not* the same time period as the previous Q player. Q is ordinarily a nigh-omnipotent energy being, but for purposes of the game he may as well be a human man, albeit one who can't actually be killed. The backstory as to why he is in Hauvratat is that another Q attempted to assassinate him, and he was badly hurt and has been sent to Hauvratat to recuperate, too badly injured to use his powers except in emergencies. For purposes of the game, Q will be more or less restricted to his usual human avatar, unable to change shape (except in emergencies), so he appears to be a 6'3" white human male with fair skin and brown hair going a touch grey at the temples.

This journal is based on Star Trek canon wherever possible, but with only 14 episodes that Q appeared in, there's a lot of room for a fanfic writer to make up stuff. Most of this journal is based on the fan fiction of Alara Rogers; however, I reserve the right to include material from the published Star Trek novels when I choose. All icons are taken from screencaps from the series, commercially available images of John de Lancie, screencaps from other series de Lancie was in, or promotional photos from magazines... unless they represent *other* members of the Q Continuum, in which case they might be downright silly.

Most material here is PG-13 rated -- aside from "colorful metaphors", ie, colloquial 21st-century speech that may include mild profanity, there's probably very little in most of the posts that would appear in this journal that you couldn't see in a Star Trek episode. I will occasionally do an adult-rated post, but it will be marked as such. However, Q has no inherent gender and thinks our concept of sexual orientation is quaint and silly, so he is much more willing to admit the fact that he's emotionally attached to Jean-Luc Picard than the Trek series writers, laboring under the need to not offend, were willing to have him do. Also, Q is a jerk; his author tries not to be, but interact with him at your own risk. Finally, Q has no respect for your or any other religion, so if you are offended by mockery of religion his journal is probably not the one you want to read.

To contact me, respond to the sticky post at the top of the journal or email me at alara at mindspring dot com.

For those who actually care -- Q's billions of years old and his mun is definitely old enough to know better, so yes, muse and mun are both quite adult. Though maybe not entirely grown up. After all, the muse throws temper tantrums that expose hapless species to the Borg, and the mun thinks it's fun to pretend to be a fictional character online. :-))
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